Transforming the lives of Indigenous girls and women in Tanzania


Girls’ Improvement Program in Education Development (GIPiED) is participatory process that ensures girls development in and around the immediate school environment. GiPiED approaches issues of education, health HIV/AIDs, livelihood and girls’ protection holistically from a human rights perspective and through development of a database of all GEPaN Education and Development stakeholders at all levels ( District, Regional and National)

Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP)

Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) Empower poor and vulnerable women through economic, enviromental friendly activities and trainings to benefit self, family and the community.

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Girls Protection Program

Girls Protection Program (GPP) focuses on vulnerable girls that are in school and out of school affected by HIV/AIDS, other diseases, living with physical or mental disabilities, parental or guardian negligence and poverty. The program aims to shape behavior and attitudes of communities toward girl by supporting the communities to build and link up to effective structure in employing preventive and remedial strategies to girl abuse and neglect through rights based approach.

Environmental Protection Program

Environmental Protection Program (EPP) is a unique component of the Environmental protection and conservation of natural environment to make our ecosystems sustainable and make our world a better place to live.

Girls’ Empowerment Program and Network(GEPaN) is a Non- Governmental Organization established in 2008 and registered in 2013 promoting girls’ rights especially among the marginalized Pastoralists in Tanzania. It is an early intervention towards women’s problems. Girls’ Empowerment Program and Network is situated in Arusha Region in Northern Tanzania.
The Organization strives for the protection and empowerment of the vulnerable girls especially from the marginalized communities through the provision of basic needs, quality education, training, economic /development support and research.
Girls' Empowerment Program and Network values lead to ensure elimination of all forms of discrimination based on gender, Harmful Traditional Practices (HTPs), social economic status and geographical location.
It has placed the development of girls at the centre of its programs. Expanding access to education, protection and retention in schools for the girls is an effective way of empowering them, improving gender balance and equity in the society. Equity recognizes the values of fairness,peace and social justice in the way education opportunities and resources are allocated and shared.
Girls' Empowerment Program and Network aims at responding to increased needs and numerous problems facing girls. Education of girls and the advancement of women have tragically been ignored in Northern Tanzania. Many girls especially from the marginalized communities continue to face discrimination in education. By empowering women and girls towards acquisition of their rights to fight against poverty, HIV/AIDS and Harmful Traditional Practices (HTPs) will enable them participate fully in development activities to meet the millennium development goals.

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Understanding cervical Cancer and HPV

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Stop child marriage campaign: was implemented due to the rising cases of child marriages in Tanzania. The campaigned aimed at eradicating child force marriages among the indigenous peoples of the Maasai in Longido District, Arusha Region in Tanzania.

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